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Naperville is a great community, vital, enterprising and promising.  We enjoy so many benefits earned by visionary leaders who came before us.  We must be smart stewards of what we have, but Mike believes we can’t stop there.

Where will Naperville be in 20 or 30 years?  When our children are ready to become leaders, will there be a strong economic mix that will provide them jobs?  Will our taxes price us, parents and grandparents, out of the housing market?  Will our families be safe and our assets protected?  Will we have been proactive in sustaining our environment?

As leaders, we must act today to ensure the promise of Naperville. Mike is running for City Council to help take action now for our children and their children.  As a part of a new generation of leaders, Mike is committed to ensuring that the responsible decisions we make in government today will secure the future of Naperville.