Fiscal Responsibility

Mike understands Naperville must be run within budget, and with an eye toward a sound financial position, both now and for the future. We cannot rely on taxes and fees to sustain government services.  Government officials must make responsible decisions with regard to budgeting, purchasing, hiring and investing. Our economic future depends on increasing reserves to protect us from future challenges.

We must meet our obligations through prudent planning, intelligent negotiating, and intergovernmental cooperation. Naperville has become a leader in these areas by streamlining services and maximizing resources. With Mike’s financial background and business experience, he can help move the City forward by making responsible decisions we can live with today and tomorrow.

We need long-term solutions to tax savings. Mike believes we must support efforts by The City and Naperville Township to create a solid long-term plan to consolidate road maintenance services for the benefit of ALL Naperville property taxpayers. That is why he is chairing Naperville/Aurora Residents for Lower Taxes.

Economic Development

Mike knows that creating a sustainable commercial and residential mix is key to lower taxes and a high quality of life for Napervillians. We must aggressively seek occupancy of vacant commercial properties. The Ogden Avenue Corridor and the Route 59 and 95th Street area of south Naperville are gateways to our community and therefore, must reflect the economic vitality of the City.

An inventive mix of businesses and appropriate residential uses can provide important economic drivers for our community.  Mike will advocate collaborating with the Naperville Development Partnership to develop beneficial incentives to development, while creating streamlined municipal planning and development processes to aid in future development.  As we proceed with Naperville’s Downtown 2030 Plan, Mike believes we should explore innovative retail options that encourage small businesses to couple online presence with scalable brick and mortar locations.

We should offer work environments that provide opportunity for entrepreneurs, tech companies, small scale “makers” and service providers seeking stimulating work spaces in the center of our community. Working together with the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Naperville Development Partnership and area colleges, we should explore what 21st Century businesses and workers need to succeed, and partner to lead the way toward attracting the jobs that will keep millenial workers in the community.

Youth And Public Safety

Today, our young people struggle with a variety of stresses that we cannot ignore. Drug and alcohol use, suicide, mental health issues, and all types of bullying are threatening the healthy future of this generation. As a young dad, Mike is committed to seeing that the City is maximizing its resources to deal with these issues.

Our public safety officials are working every day to help our youth survive and thrive. We need to support these efforts as a government and partner with our health care professionals and civic groups to expand our reach, awareness and capability. Getting drugs out of the hands of young people, providing support for mental health initiatives, and parental education are a healthy start. Mike is committed to finding ways to support these initiatives through community and social service grants and community education.

With the growth of the restaurant and retail sectors of Downtown Naperville, Mike believes the City must be vigilant watchdogs and strong collaborators in ensuring that liquor licensing and liquor laws create a healthy business mix and protect the integrity and safety of our downtown.”


A multi-generational community is dependent on services that allow seniors to age in place, downsize their homes affordably and find transportation and recreational options that support a great quality of life. With the establishment of the Senior Task Force under the auspices of the City, Mike is encouraged that the City is looking into the needs of our ageing population.

New initiatives to provide local, accompanied transportation for medical appointments, along with exploration of other communities’ taxi coupon programs, mean that aging residents can continue to get around. We need to continue to support the Task Force and other regional transportation providers in insuring that senior needs are met.

Mike is also interested in exploring additional transportation options to move people from the fringes of the community to the central core while easing the demand for public parking. It’s good for a diverse population, good for infrastructure, traffic congestion and the environment.

Tax reduction, in addition to services provided by County and not-for- profit organizations may help some citizens age in place. However, continuing to work with developers to diversify the housing options for seniors is a must if we are to keep older generations living in Naperville.

As transportation-oriented development takes hold in suburbs along Metra lines, Naperville should take this approach to offer a vibrant mix of apartments, townhomes, mixed use and retail opportunities to serve seniors, millenials and commuters alike. Naperville’s Fifth Avenue Metra station area is ripe for such development, and Mike will advocate to pursue proposals and work with developers, City staff and the Planning and Zoning Commission to come up with the most advantageous uses of this vital area.


& Environment

Our environment is the most critical resource we have to sustain the promise of Naperville in years to come. Mike is fully supportive of the City’s aggressive efforts to operate with environmental sustainability in mind. He believes more community education regarding efficiency programs can help take the City’s efforts into every household and business in Naperville in the future.

He also is committed to exploring inter-governmental cooperation and consolidation to provide efficient services, cooperative purchasing, recycling and waste disposal and efficient water and energy delivery in future.

Preserving open space and protecting our natural resources must be integrated into all City planning and policy-making in a proactive manner. Mike envisions a clean, green and sustainable Naperville for his children and their children in years to come.